A Game Day for Grown-Ups

Saturday, May 26, 10am - 4pm

Sacajawea Retreat Center, 5121 McAndrews Rd, Apple Valley, $89

 Bloody Mess Level Combat Play

Game Day for Grown Ups

Come explore the games our younger adventurers are in love with; this is a chance to see what all the fuss is about from the inside. Build your own suit of armor, create swords, spellbooks and magical relics, develop a character, strategize with a team, claim interesting terrain to defend in a fantastic and closed-off part of Lebanon Hills State Park, set up fortifications and play AiC's unique variations of Strategic Capture the Flag over several miles of trails, fields and shorelines. Our counselors will be happy as ever to assist and join your teams!


10am meet and greet, intro to the games

11am strategize with your team, build props and costumes

1pm  Let the games begin!

Sacajawea Retreat Center, Lebanon Hills Regional Park, 5121 McAndrews Rd., Apple Valley, MN


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