Standalone Events

Adventures in Cardboard® has exploded in popularity in the Twins Cities Metro since we started in 2010.  In that time, we’ve done a number of residencies with schools where we establish relationships and have been able to explore how art opens possibilities with education.  While we value the time and space to work with kids in the Residency Programs, we understand that educators are looking for options to fit something incredible into their limited schedule.  Enter Standalone Events, the one-and-done version of Adventures in Cardboard®.

Maybe you’re looking for something low key-- Check out Workshop Visits where our Staff Artists bring resources to create the coolest take home projects ever.  Maybe something epic-- Check out Game Days where we set up an enormous, immersive game for an entire community!  Maybe you want both or something more-- it’s up to you. Whatever you decide, let us celebrate your semester, partner with your fundraiser, or even do staff bonding (yes, grown-up Game Days are phenomenal) by making memories.  We adapt to fit your needs and collaborate with your vision.