Camp Policies

Updated Cancellation Policy

Under most circumstances tuition for the Small Alternative Summer Adventure Camps are nonrefundable. Refunds for these camps will only be made available if Adventures in Cardboard makes the decision to shut down a week of camp or if a camper or someone they are living with tests positive for COVID 19 and is thereby required to stay away from camp or if a camper is asked to stay away from camp after a fever check. Refunds will not be offered for the closure of a day of camp due to inclement weather or for any other reason.

Any refunds awarded will be processed minus Active's .0395% transaction fee for online payments and refunds may also incur an additional $15 processing fee if for reasons other than Adventures in Cardboard's closure of camp or a camper or someone they are living with testing positive for COVID 19 or exhibiting a fever.


For any workshops, game days or events outside of summer, refunds can be issued up to 14 days before a session begins with no fee.

Behavior Management

Discipline is never thought of in terms of punishment at AiC. Discipline is used to help a camper behave in ways that are safer and socially more acceptable. We recognize that discipline problems usually occur when the following basic emotional needs are not being met:

  • The need for satisfaction that comes from achievement.
  • The need for acceptance and understanding.
  • The need for recognition.
  • The need to feel something through the senses.

Meeting these needs helps prevent, as well as end, many disciplinary problems. However, every behavior is a choice and it is our challenge to help campers understand that they are in control of their actions. Our goal is to help guide our campers toward actions that have better consequences.

Sore Losers & Sore Winners! We aways celebrate honor and fair play over victory!  Some campers find it VERY hard to lose bouts of sword-tag and have a hard time calling themselves out. These campers can start to develop reputations as cheaters or sore losers. Other campers can find it hard not to gloat over a victory and celebrate a defeated player's pain at losing. To try and help campers avoid these situations we call to celebrate their honesty, integrity and fair play whenever we witness it.



Adventures in Cardboard has two major rules.



Adventures in Cardboard campers are to avoid situations in which their safety or the safety of others is at risk. Adventures in Cardboard campers must also be courteous to all creatures; this includes people, plants, and animals.

Bullying: Adventures in Cardboard is a place of acceptance for people of all kinds. Treat all people with respect, forgiveness, and kindness. Cruel, malicious or intimidating behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Be good to one another.

Age: Respect other campers no matter what their age. This is a multi-age adventure. Go out of your way to help little ones feel welcome, respected and comfortable. It is your duty as an older camper to help look after the younger ones.

Gender: The same goes for gender. Individuals of any gender, that is: boys, girls and any and all trans or non-binary genders should be respected. Make no assumptions about anyone abilities, likes, skills and desires based on their gender. EVERYONE is an individual and deserves to be treated with respect and without judgment. No exceptions. Strive to understand each other and make friends different from yourself. Strive to kindle a spirit of good will in yourself for all campers.

Visiting Other Areas: Do not go into another Activity Area at any time. You may visit other areas if given permission from your Instructor and the Instructor guiding the other Activity Area.

Forest and Animals: Do not harm or catch any animals including frogs, toads and snakes. Trees are not to be carved or cut. Branches and shrubs should be left intact and unbroken. Treat the environment as if you are a guest. In fact, we are all guests who enjoy visiting these beautiful places. (Yes, you can kill mosquitos!)

Litter: Be mindful of the junk you accidentally leave in your wake. Pick up all wrappers, cardboard scraps or anything else you drop.

Rocks: Do not throw rocks at anyone or anything.

Wandering: Don’t do it! Never leave your House without the knowledge of your counselor and activity instructor. During games you will have more leeway to roam, but small groups exploring the trails must always arrange to have a staff person in line of site or at checkpoints.

Water: Stay hydrated! Stay cool! Don’t lose your water bottle. Only take water out of approved faucets and spigots with signs that indicate suitability for consumption.

Swimming: Swimming and canoeing are only allowed under the Waterfront Instructor’s supervision at appointed times and ONLY at the swimming beach.

Bridges: All of our park’s bridges are safe, however they are not made for running, pushing or horseplay.

Fences: Fences are erected for a purpose. Do not cross them; it usually indicates private property.

Roads/Railways: Some service roads and railways pass through parks. They are marked clearly. STAY OFF THEM!

Lost & Found: Found articles are to be turned in at the Main Tent.

Poison Ivy: Poison ivy is common at Adventures in Cardboard®, so learn to identify it so it can be avoided. If you believe you have been exposed, wash the area with soap and water immediately. Inform your counselor who will take care of you and monitor the area for the plant!

Ticks: Soaking camp clothes in permethrin is a safe and extremely effective way of deterring ticks and many of our counselors have adopted this strategy. Permethrin is a synthesized chrysanthemum that comes in a spray that will bond to the fibers in clothing and continue to be effective in repelling ticks for up to six washings.

Check often when tick season is high. Tuck pants into socks, shirts into pants and wear light colored clothing. In any case, if you find a tick has attached itself to you, let an instructor know ASAP. We will remove the tick and inform your parents about the risks and signs of tickbourne illnesses. However, as long as you are cautious about finding and removing ticks there is little reason to fear either ticks or tickbourne illnesses. And if your clothes are treated in permethrin your chances of staying tick-free increase dramatically.


Dismissal for Dangerous, Abusive or Repetitive Behavior Infractions

If a behavior problem is constant or if a behavior poses a threat to the safety or well-being of one's self, the other campers or staff, AiC reserves the right to dismiss campers without recompense. In most cases a Coordinator  will process with a camper first to find suitable solutions for changing a behavior. A camper will be warned that continued infractions and/or dangerous or abusive actions will result in going home early. Should the behavior continue after this, the Coordinator will call a camper’s parents whereby the possibility of a camper being dismissed will be discussed or initiated based in the severity of the problem.


Inclement Weather

Adventures in Cardboard loves rain. On rainy days we will have many options for staying out of the rain, but we also love to play IN the rain. Before camp begins campers will advised about what to bring to stay warm and dry if they choose to join counselors in charging the castle in a muddy downpour!


Dangerous Weather / Cancellations

In the rare event of unusually dangerous weather, Adventures in Cardboard may cancel camp in the interest of child safety. Any decision to cancel camp for the day will be based on weather information available by 7:15am on the day in question. Cancellation will be posted on the Adventures in Cardboard registration page by 7:30am and contact made to parents by 8:00am.

Camp will never be cancelled simply for rain, any closing will most likely arise out of concern for the safety of campers and staff from NWS warnings for severe storm fronts, extreme heat, flash floods or tornadoes.

If a day of camp is cancelled for weather safety in the summer we reserve the right to cancel without a refund or scheduled make-up day.


Policy on Smart Phones and other Electronics

AiC strives to provide a program free from video games, cell phones, audio players and other devices that can pull our attention away from the immediate experiences and connections we are making with each other in the present. Please don't permit your child to bring any of these items to camp.

These items also tend to get misplaced and lost at camp.


Visitors & Friday COMMUNITY DAYS

Parents and family may visit in small numbers during the week at any time, but are asked to wear cotton of N95 face masks and be conscious of keeping a long physical distance from camp operations since our numbers are limited by current social gathering restrictions.

Current social gathering restrictions will also dictate whether or not we have our usual Friday Community Game Day.