Lore of the Legendary Swords of the Realm

The Zamshaar

This zamshaar is a beautiful and deadly sabre from Iztan. It is unusual in The Realm as a mid-length weapon with stunningly effective capabilities as both a cavalry blade and a light infantry weapon. The zamshaar is traditionally accompanied on foot by a spiked, steel buckler, the diraa. Heavily armored Iztani infantry in the time of Empire often…

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The Vúlfbert

The wolftooth is a feared and coveted blade that came with the Hákarla, an Ikkerik people of The Old North. One of the finest crafted blades ever seen, swords like this first encountered in The Realm were thought to be magical. Made of an unfathomably high quality steel with a pattern welded core and welded-on hardened cutting edges,…

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The Glissknife

The most recognized sword of The Realm was the preferred weapon of the noble families of The House of Hart for millennia. Althoug glys means “swift” in Iowyd (High Wyddic), it is not the true origin of the common name for the sword. “Glissknife” comes from translations from the wyddic languages; it was called the gwyderbás or ‘death-glass’ in Draechi (Low Wyddic)…

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The Cyningmaker

The Cyningmaker The cyningmaker (kingmaker) is a fearsome cleaver and the largest single-handed blade of The Realm. “Heavy as a Heorthgeneat” as the Arkan saying goes. Though Arkans will often use it as a bastard sword, most warriors outside The House of Arko prefer to use two hands in hefting it and categorize it more as…

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Adult: Rachel and Logan, duel