Welcome to the Hunt at Tony Schmidt Park

This hunt is fthe irst of two episodes.  Return next month for the second and final part of Maggie's story. 

You can print and reference this map or use your knowledge of the park to help you solve each riddle.

This hunt uses riddles to guide participants through the majesty of Tony Schmidt Park. The story is an AiC original written and performed by Art and Play Instructor Maggie Arbeiter.

To participate, solving each riddle will to take you to an area where you can search for the next QR code like an Easter egg! Once found, scan the code to hear the next chapter and get the riddle to find the area where your next code is hidden!


THE FIRST RIDDLE (It will take you to your first hidden code!)

Damp with muck, grime, and dirt

Murky waters hide secrets untold.

Bears frolic nearby in search of sweet berries.


..or give up and click "The Adventure Begins" to hear the first chapter and receive the next riddle! We won't tell!