The Hunt: West Bush Lake

Welcome to the Hunt at West bush Lake

You can print and reference your map or use your knowledge of the park to help solve each riddle.

This is a hunt created by Kevin Bowles that uses riddles to guide participants through the majesty of West Bush Lake as they find each new chapter to a story.

To participate, solving each riddle will to take you to an area where you can search for your next QR code like an Easter egg! Once found, scan your code to hear the next chapter and get the next riddle to find the area where your next code is hidden!


1) Start by going to the lower parking lot of Shelter #1 and using the first riddle to find the hidden QR code there!

2) Scan the code to hear the first chapter and receive your next riddle! There are nine chapters in all.


Here and in a pool of tar

You first must stop before you go far.

Under green arms of shadow

Is where you’ll find the beginning.


Having trouble solving the riddle?

Click on any of the hints below for a little help in finding the next spot!

...or give up and click "The Adventure Begins" to hear the first chapter and receive the next riddle!

We won't tell!