The Realm in Minecraft Saturday Fundraisers

The Realm Flat

Saturdays-as-listed, 2-5pm

More COming Soon!

Join us for epic games of Capture-the-Flag, small arena battles and open exploration of the Realm on Saturdays in January! We've invested hundreds of hours into a Minecraft version of the world we've been dreaming up and playing in over the last nine years and we'd like to share this new and developing legacy project with you.

Six entire villages and towns have been created corresponding to the Six Esteemed Houses of The Realm: Draech, Hart, Arko, A'quilah, Sahn-Gliér and Hákkarl. Each is located in an exact replica of the map we use for camp and online role playing games. Logan, Rory, Kevin and Josh have programmed several games including Capture-the-Flag and other counselors are always updating new quests, encounters, hidden relics and land features. You can login, choose a team, equip yourself as a particular class and then head out into the Realm with your team in a Discord chat to scout and find your opponent's flags and run them home to victory.

Register for each Saturday separately so we can know how many moderators we'll need.  We have updated our server so now the first 120 campers, parents and friends who register for any particular Saturday may join.

Each Saturday you register you can make a donation of any size, but no one will be excluded if they are unable to donate at this time. More people are always merrier in these games and this is an open invitation to join us regardless of your ability to donate in this difficult year!

Thanks so much and hopefully we'll see you in The Realm in Minecraft!


IMPORTANT NOTE: You need Minecraft Java Edition to play! We are not set up for Bedrock Edition.  Java is set up for home computers, Bedrock for phones, iPads, Switches, etc...