Where does our tuition get spent?

Though we are not the most expensive summer experience around we acknowedge that Adventures in Cardboard summer camps are far from being inexpensive. Here's where a large portion of those costs are going.

Our Staff are the Best of any Summer Camp in the Region

Adventures in Cardboard hires more staffpeople per camper, and we hire more teachers and artists with at a higher level of skill and experience and we offer much higher compensation than any other camp in our region; it's a large part of what makes our camps so desirable.


We expect far more from our instructors than most summer camps do and our compensation for staff for their experience and skill must reflects this. Although Adventures in Cardboard is not yet a year round experience we strive to be a stable, reliable and significant source of income that teachers and artists can rely on to fulfill their annual needs.

Since it's inception in 2012, Adventures in Cardboard has also always been committed to paying our staff a living wage and each year as we grow we plan for general increases in staff wages at all levels of employment - we need our instructors more than they need us!

We Fund our Own Schoarship and Transportation Fund

Adventures in Cardboard is committed to providing a Scholarship and Transportation fee for families who might not be able to afford our camps. Whether or not we are able to supplement the amount we set aside from our revenue with funds from municipalities, non-profit organizations or other public and private sources, our contribution to this fund has averaged to about 10% of our profits annually since 2014.