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Adventures in Cardboard hires thes best staff in our class of programming.

Adventures in Cardboard hires more teachers and artists as camp instructors and at a higher level of skill and experience than many other regional day camps and overnight summer camps do. With a 5:1 camper-to-staff ratio, we also hire more counselors and instructors per camper than most camps. Our staff are a huge part of what makes our programs so desirable and allows us the freedom to customize each week to the whims of campers.

Adventures in Cardboard expects more from our instructors than many summer camps do and our training and compensation for staff reflects this. We strive to be a stable, reliable and significant source of income that teachers and artists can rely on. We value our instructors for their experience and vision and we hope to see them back each year!


Adventures in Cardboard maintains its own Tuition and Transportation Scholarship Program.

Adventures in Cardboard is committed to providing help for families who might not otherwise be able to experience our camps. We have been offering free and reduced tuition and transportation averaging around 7% of our profits annually since 2014. We try to supplement our program with other funds from private sources.

Scholarships are given on a 'first ask, first serve' basis as long as they last. Though 2020 hit us hard, our generous community of support buoyed us through the pandemic and we are comitted to offering help with scholarships and transportation as best as we can as we bounce back!

If you are interested in boosting our Scholarship and Transportation Program for more kids in Minnesota please let us know.