Winter Adventures 2020


We're offering a Saturday Game Day, a Studio Workshop and two new Tabletop Role Playing Campaigns for the Winter of 2020.

  • Saturday Game Day:  The Wolves of Eftirjolin, ages 8-16, French Regional Park, Plymouth, $79
  • Studio Workshop: Gundam-Style Armor, ages 12+ AiC Studio, Minneapolis, $299
  • Tabletop Role Playing: Sorrow Under the Mountain, ages 12-17, AiC Studio, Minneapolis, $199



Please consider the level of combat play in each activity. The expectations for combat play in each workshop can be very different from what adventurers are used to experiencing in our Summer Adventure Camps.

Make sure you're signing up for the right workshop!

  • Red indicates a HIGH level of combat play, the workshops are centered around this type of play.
  • Orange indicates a MODERATE level of combat play with a little time set aside for it each day.
  • Yellow indicates a LOW level of combat play, it might happen but should not be expected daily.
  • Green indicates NO COMBAT PLAY. Participants should not expect or ask for any combat play.

Click to View Each Session:

Gundam Style Workshop

Ages 12 and up. Join Ramón Cordes, Mark Safford and AIC Summer staff to create your own gundam, mech warrior or other powered armor-style costume.vThis is an advanced building class limited to 12 participants.

Game Day at French Regional Park

Ages 8-16. A long lost clan from across the sea returns to join their sister clan in a desperate time of need. Join Julian and the summer AiC staff for the latest Ikkerik-themed winter saga at French Regional Park!

Dungeons & Dragons, younger group

Ages 12-14. Can’t get enough of the Realm? Frigid winter weather have you wasting away for lack of adventure? Fear not! Adventures in Cardboard is launching a brand-new series of table-top role playing campaigns.