Wizard Duel Rules

Wizard Duels is an Adventures in Cardboard original game that takes the five traditional spells of the Realm and asks participants to engage in a series of duels to see who is the reigning wizard/warlock/sorcerer/witch of them all!

The five basic spells are:






The game is played with 2 participants entering a duel and becoming challengers.

Challengers have 3 turns during which they can earn points to win the duel. During these turns, challengers pick one of the five basic spells and come up with a rhyme that they speak when attacking their opponent with that spell. Challengers will choose their spell and come up with a rhyme at the same time; they have 45 seconds to decide on and finalize their rhyme. When they are both ready, the audience will have a count down with one wizard casting their spell and the other casting theirs in response.


Water beats Earth and Fire but Air and Void beat Water.

Earth beats Air and Void but Fire and Water beat Earth.

Fire beats Air and Earth but Water and Void beat Fire.

Air beats Water and Void but Earth and Fire beat Air.

Void beats Fire and Water but Air and Earth beat Void.


At the end of the turn, the winning point is awarded to the wizard whose spell triumphed. Audience members vote on which challenger had the most creative or entertaining spell spoken; this challenger then receives an audience “bonus” point for that turn.

At the end of the duel, the challenger with the most collected points, from both spell wins and audience votes, is the winner and moves on to the next duel.

With each new duel, participants become ghosts or continue on their journey as challengers until they achieve the title of reigning wizard/warlock/sorcerer/witch. Once a challenger has achieved this title through eliminating all of their opponents, the ghosts are magically revived!

At which point, they are free to challenge, and the duels start all over again!

So, keep a tight grip on your wands, cloaks, and conical hats and prepare for this fight!