Wizard Duels

Activity: Ahh!! So you want to learn how to battle like a wizard, eh?  Well then, why don’t you learn to do it the proper way?! In this course you’ll learn technique and skill for the combat art form designed not to kill. A wizard duel is a most ancient business requiring the grace of a gymnast! Come learn to cast spells and rhyme, I can promise it will be a very silly time.

In this wizard dueling course, you’ll learn how to wield the most ancient and under-appreciated form of magic in the Realm: the Wizard Duel. This course will focus on character building and creating your own personal type of wizard; how to  make up funny, intricate rhymes on the spot; and, most importantly, how to fully commit to the wackiness of a wizard duel.

Preparation: If you would like your wizard to have a costume or a prop, by all means bring it or build it prior to class, but these things aren’t required.

Counselor: This class is taught by esteemed Hartian counselor Fletcher Wolfe (aka Dirk Bentley, Hambone the Dog, Rob Boss, Stone Rosetta, Plop-E, Zorpo the Space Pirate, Todd, the Pungeon Master, Timothy Terwilliger the Rich Little Boy, Woodwose Guthrie, Jimbo Jammer Junior, etc...)

Fletcher (They/Them) spent a good portion of their time at camp engaging in wizard duels or just generally rhyming and casting spells. Their favorite part of camp has always been coming up with a silly character and building that character through interactions with campers, be they duels or otherwise.

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Counselor: Fletcher Wolfe
suggested Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th
Limit: 6 participants
1 Session: May 20 and 25
Monday or Wednesday, 4-5pm
Hosted on Zoom