Zeds of Our Time


Story: This quadrant of the universe has been boiled down to three empires: SpacDonalds, Zoogle, and CredEx. You and your ship mates have decided that the war these tycoons are waging isn't worth your time. On your smuggler ship, the Epimethius, or Eppie for short, you look for any jobs that are under the radar. However, it seems that each corporation has something to hide. Will you and your team discover these secrets, and, if you do, what will you do with them?

Preparation: Players should add me on Discord and message me with 3 random cards they pull from a deck.

Game Master: Brynn is a performer, improviser, art teacher, and parkour enthusiast in the Twin Cities! She has worked at AiC in the Realm for 3 years: 2 as a counselor, and one as a Games Master. She loves making characters (especially alien and pirate characters) and bringing them to life. Her hobbies include many things: befriending dragons, hunting kobolts, finding relics, slaying knights, fire spinning, and - appropriately enough - collecting hobbies. She is a brilliant human being who seeks out the next quest and loves to create wondrous worlds for adventurers to create their own stories in!

GM: Brynn Berryhill
suggested Grades: 4th - 6th
limit: 5 players
5 Sessions, Aug 31 - Sep 4
Mon-FRI, 3:30 - 5:30pm CDT
System 52
Hosted on Discord