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Make your own gear! Play mythic live action games along the most idyllic fields, trails and shorelines near the Twin Cities.

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Broadsides from Colossus

Colossus by Julian McFaul

Check back here monthly for home armor projects, videos, new games to try out in your neighborhood and broadsides blasted from your favorite characters of The Realm, including The Colossus itself.

Conor vs. The Colossus

February 22, 2018

 Camp Sacajawea, Apple Valley, Summer 2016 The capricious Colossus was summoned by an irresponsible wizard and commenced to challenging adventurers to “Trial by Dueling Circle” in which many perished. This is a small clip from an epic duel in which Conor emerged victorious by first piercing the automaton through a small crack in its…

The Coneys of Far Xxan

February 19, 2018

Featured new danger of The Realm. Not the little softies that live anywhere near you or I, these would be the coneys from far Xxan. When all three are present, usually near a relic known as the Compass of Lunacy, sheath your sword and stay on your toes. Any metal coming in contact with these cruel…