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AiC for Hire!

We design residencies, parties, and other events just for you.


AiC hosts extended arts workshops and live action gaming experiences for school, community center, business and family events for people ages 8 to 88!

Birthdays and Other Events


Adventures in Cardboard will come to your backyard, neighborhood park or community multi-purpose room and set up activities for any celebration. We often create birthdays, bat/bar mitzvahs and end-of-the-school-year parties.

Or... alternatively you can come to our new Adventure Studio in the historic Flair Fountain Building at 4501 Hiawatha Ave. S. in Minneapolis. You can create props in our studio and then we'll take a five minute walk to a fantastic bend in Minnehaha Creek for games. Please note that when the season is cold, between late October and late March, we limit parties in the studio to 12 children.


We will provide two senior artistic staff for each party. These are professional artists and educators well-seasoned by our summer camp adventures. Natural kid magnets with consummate artistic skills and kid wrangling abilities, these folks act as trusty yet happy-go-lucky warlords who are able to keep responsible parameters on play while joining in the nitty gritty of battle when called upon by the adventurers to do so!


We provide activities for a three hour party. We can create activities and games around a specific theme or come with pre-programmed activities that resemble our summer camps.

Clashing Swords Party (basic party)

Adventures in Cardboard’s basic party option, Clashing Swords, includes time for each adventurer to create a sword and shield, then several hours to create teams and play variations of our favorite games, from large Field Skirmishes to all-out games of Strategic Capture the Flag, your favorite lost relics of power and other props are brought and hidden onsite.

Nerf Survival Party (basic party)

Similar to our Clashing Swords Party but we’ll create post-apocalyptic weapons and shields: stop signs, pipe wrenches, hunting knives and hockey sticks. And we’ll bring our bin of fifty nerf guns and post-apocalyptic props. Games will be Strategic Capture-the-Flag but powered-up for nerf battles and with rules for zombie outbreaks!

Giant Backyard Maze add on 

We bring all of the same activities that come with our Clashing Swords Party or Nerf Party, but we’ll come two hours before the party and set up a large refrigerator box maze, hide relics inside, seal it up, hide the magical keys onsite and then play games in and around the maze after the party begins. We can pack it up and bring it home or... we can leave it for your kids to destroy and re-purpose for days if you wish to purchase the cardboard!

Colossus Attacks Party add on

Like our Clashing Swords Party or Nerf Party but we’ll bring 1- 4 armored colossi to attack when the games begin. Colossi are armored monstrosities of awesome power, when all four are present there is no party of adventurers strong enough to hold them off!

Just A Maze

If you prefer that we just build a maze for you to host your own fun we can do that as well. We'll set it up before the party, leave out our activities and artist-facilitators and return to take the maze down when the party is over.



Basic Party (Clashing Swords or Nerf Survival)

  • up to 15 adventurers  $385
  • for every 10 more adventurers beyond 15 add $125

    Giant Maze add on

  • add $299

    Colossus Attacks add on

  • for every colossus add $75

Just A Maze (no staff facilitation)$299


Want to Keep the Cardboard?

We pack up all 30 refrigerator boxes used for the maze and bring them back when your party is finished, but you can purchase them if you like. Usually the cost is $250; if you're interested just inquire about pricing in your email.


For inquiries about birthdays and all other events please contact Shelley at [email protected].

Julian McFaul