Birthday Parties & Events

Clashing Swords Party


Our artists will help kids create their own fantastic swords and shields to take home, then host an all-out game of Strategic Capture the Flag. We'll bring an array of props and several ancient magical relics to be hidden and found onsite!

Add Huge Characters or a Giant Maze to increase the fun!

Nerf Survival Party


Kids work with skilled artists creating post-apocalyptic taggers to take home, then choose from fifty nerf guns and sci-fi props to play an all out, counselor-lead Battle Royale and games of Team Survival!

A Giant Maze works especially well with Nerf. Huge Characters also increase the fun!

Just-a-Maze Party


Just the maze? Certainly! We'll build a giant maze for your kids to host their own fun inside. With design input from the birthday crew, we'll set it up before the party begins and return to take it down when the party is over! No extra charge for setting up off-site.

Create extra fun with a Bucket-o-Nerf!

Add a giant maze to your party! We'll come early and set up a large refrigerator box maze. A long lost tomb, a pre-apocalypse research laboratory, we'll hide props inside then play games in and around the maze.

A bucket of nerf with enough pistols and darts for every kid! What more can we say?

Add larger-than-life characters to your party! We’ll bring one or more armored monstrosities to challenge your guests when the games begin!

Any Location!

Adventures in Cardboard will come to your favorite park or your own backyard to set up activities for any celebration. If you can't fnd a park we can suggest excellent parks for you to reach out to.

Brilliant Artist-Educators!

Magnetic and entertaining people with consummate artistic skills, our Instructors act as trusty yet happy-go-lucky warlords who are able to keep responsible parameters on play while joining in the nitty gritty of battle when called upon by the adventurers to do so!

Memorable Activities!

Go with one of our never-fail-to-please parties described above or let us know if we can create activities and games around a specific theme!

PARTIES WITH BUILDING AND GAMES: Clashing Swords and Nerf Survival Parties

  • up to 20 adventurers  $565
  • for parties of 20-30 adventurers add $140
  • for parties of 30-40 adventurers add $280
  • The 8 Kid Option: Cap your Clashing Swords or Nerf Survival Party to 8 participants: $400 

 PARTIES WITH GAMES ONLY: Clashing Swords and Nerf Survival Parties

  • we bring the weapons to borrow for games, no building is involved, up to 10 kids, $364
  • for parties of 20-30 adventurers add $140
  • for parties of 30-40 adventurers add $280
  • if you want us to pre-build weapons for the participants to take home add $12 per sword and shield combo

 Giant Maze Add-On

  • add $269

Huge Character Add-Ons 

  • for every character add $75


  •  add $30

JUST-A-MAZE PARTY, installation with no staff, $299

Want to Keep the Cardboard? We pack up our Giant Maze boxes and bring them back when your party is finished, but you can purchase them if you like. Please inquire for pricing. 


  • 1 three-hour session: $199
  • 3 two-hour sessions $319
  • 5 two-hour sessions $379
  • 8 two hour sessions $539
  • 10 two-hour sessions $649
Schedule your game as you like, either a one-session adventure or a series of sessions played over several days or weeks. We suggest at least a three session game. Pick an adventure and game master from our past games here.

For any option contact: [email protected] for more information.

For more information or to book a party or any other event please contact us at [email protected]!