AiC is currently accepting applications for Summer 2024, for the following positions:

Art & Play Instructors - Positions open until filled.

Castle Community Greeter - Positions open until filled.

 Thank you so much for your interest in Adventures in Cardboard




Here are guidelines for the most typically posted positions, and when we typically post these positions.


Junior Counselors  "JCs"

Adventures in Cardboard only accepts applications for Junior Counselors  after Christmas and up until the position fill usually before the end of January.  Former CITs are usually invited  to apply for this role and opportunities and positions are extremely limited. You are welcome to apply even if you didn't receive an invitation, but this is a role for people aged 17 or 18, who have already been CITs. It is usually a part-summer job, 3-6 weeks long, helping our Art & Play Instructors  deliver summer programming.


Counselors-in-Training  "CiTs"

This is a volunteer position for former campers  who are be interested and be able to demonstrate the maturity to work in a supportive role with younger campers at Adventures in Cardboard.  You must be a former camper to apply for a position as a CIT and usually this is by invitation. If you are applying and have not been invited, we'll reach out to the Coordinators of your last few camps for possible reviews and recommendations.  If we can get a recommendation we'll move on an interview.

AiC seeks formal applications from CITs only after Dec 26th and until positions fill usually before the end of January.


Castle Community Greeters 

This is a part-time, after-hours, solitary role looking after large art installations left in the parks for weeks at a time. A Greeter's role is not  primarily a security position and is never confrontational; Greeter's are present for people who happen to stumble upon our creations. We hope to invite wanderers, adventurers and passers-by into further exploration and a relationship of mutual respect with our camp and our camper's creations.  We take applications for Greeters from Dec 26th and up until the roles fill - usually sometime in May, but if you're interested please always inquire if we're still hiring!


Art and Play Instructors

Adventures in Cardboard seeks new Art & Play Instructors every year after Christmas and accepts applications for the position on an ongoing basis until positions are filled. These positions usually fill by the end of January or February, but you can always inquire about the position even if there is no listing above  - sometimes new hires drop out before summer begins! Art & Play Instructors are the backbone of AiC's summer staff.

These are FT, seasonal positions usually lasting ten weeks during the summer months.  Applicants should have strong experience working with kids. Applicants should also have strong experience coaching sports, working in the theatre, the performing arts, the fine arts and possessing serious organizational & leaderhip skills. Experience in fantasy lit and gaming is also a huge plus for us - it's a very extrovertive experience!