Spring Adventures 2024

  • Game Night : The Hunt West Bush Lake Park, Bloomington, Saturday May 18, 5-10pm, ages 11-16
  • Space Opera Mini-Camp: Scavengers of Foundry West Bush Lake Park, Bloomington, Memorial Day Weekend, Sat-Mon, May 25-27, 11am-4pm, ages 8-15

The Game Night

Saturday, May 18, 5-10pm, ages 11-16, $99

West Bush Lake Park, 9401 West Bush Lake Rd, Bloomington

 High Combat Play


Come and join us for our annual spring Game Night where all things lurk in the shadows! Three contests play at the end of the day and into the dark:  Capture the Flag - Creeping Death Style, Werewolves, Merchants & Zealots and Hunters & Hiders round out an evening of spooky games capped off with roasted marshmallows by the fire.


Space Opera Mini-Camp:

Scavengers of Foundry 

Memorial Day Weekend

Sat - Mon, May 25-27,11am-4pm, ages 8-16, $299

West Bush Lake Park, 9401 West Bush Lake Rd, Bloomington
 High Combat Play

Search for starship parts on a ruined world! Battle with other scrappy bands of ‘scavs’ in live action melee and simulated orbital dogfights! 

The overgrown junk-world of Foundry III was once famed for its massive industry and experimental starship designs. Originally known as Jorkad; the planet was a lush jungle-world filled with unique flora and fauna. After the Custodians discovered large veins of rare ore they converted the planet to Foundry III. In a single decade the surface was razed for industry, the ore exhausted and the planet written off as a dead world.

Scarce times have now brought bands of ‘scavs’ back to collect the loot left behind! Forest exploration, melee combat and an arsenal of over ninety nerf guns round out this mini-camp's grand three-day game!

pulse rifle