Spring Adventures 2024

  • Three Armory Workshops Adventures in Cardboard, Minneapolis, Saturdays in February, March or April, 12-4pm, ages 8-15


  • Game Day 1: The Northern Isles Spring Lake Park Reserve, Hastings, Saturday April 27th, 11am-4pm, ages 8-15
  • Game Day 2: Spears of the Sahn Tony Schmidt Regional Park, Arden Hills, Saturday May 4, 11am-4pm, ages 8-15
  • Game Day 3: Relic of Makara Theo Wirth Park, Minneapolis, Sunday May 12, 11am-4pm, ages 8-15


  • Game Night : The Hunt West Bush Lake Park, Bloomington, Saturday May 18, 5-10pm, ages 11-16


  • Space Opera Mini-Camp: Scavengers of Foundry West Bush Lake Park, Bloomington, Memorial Day Weekend, Fri-Mon, May 25-27, 11am-4pm, ages 8-15


February Workshop

Feb 3, 10, 17, 24

March Workshop

Mar 2, 9, 16, 23

April    Workshop

Mar 30, April 6, 13, 20

Each workshop is 4 Saturdays, 12-4pm, ages 8 -15, $299

Adventure in Cardboard, 4502 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis
 Low Combat Play

Ten skilled and accomplished cardboard artists will be available for just twenty participants! Come create anything and everything for your home games or for games in any of our Camps!

Important Note: Workshops are primarily for design and construction, if you're more into playing games choose a Game Day instead!

Game Day 1: The Northern Isles

Saturday, April 27, 11am-4pm, ages 8 -15, $99

Spring Lake Park Reserve, 8395 127th St E, Hastings
 High Combat Play

Battle for the spirit of the Iztani in the time of the early Paládinic Sanctuary of A'quilah!

After the fall of Khad Zhere, the surviving Paladins of Iztan flee to the city-state of Il'Labor, and in short-time the city is renamed Ranrakíl in honor of their fallen captain. Within a year every city in the Gulf of Ëanor raises the sigil of Quileth the Plumed and follows a Paládinic doctrine that seeks the redemption of the Iztani after 300 years fighting for an empire of death.

The more militarized city-states of the Northern Isles see no need for redemption and are in no hurry to relinquish their new independence, but the Paladin's mission, by persuasion or might, is to unify the north in atonement for the sins of their ancestors. A terrible war begins for the souls of the last people of Iztan.


Game Day 2: Spears of the Sahn 

Saturday, May 4, 11am-4pm, ages 8-15, $99

Tony Schmidt Regional Park, 3500 Lake Johanna Blvd, Arden Hills

 High Combat Play

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 7.36.28 PM

The High Chief of the Sahn is dead , who will now lead the clans?

The High Chief passes away in Gliérstad shortly after her three sons are buried. With no direct heir, arguments for her succession quickly escalate into local skirmishes.

The villages of Kattegut in the mountainous west argue that one of their elders should lead since the friendship and prosperity between the Sahn and Arkoland has always been maintained by them.

Those in the east argue that the High Chieftainship has always relied on the wisdom and prowess of the people of Irmunsul, and they suspect treachery was at play in the sons' deaths during their travels through Kattegut.

Meanwhile Gwaio of Nagooth in the south, lays an ancient claim to the High Chieftainship by her partial descendence from a marquesa appointed in the ancient days of the Elven Empire. Gwaio has an Elvish diadem to prove her claim but no one in the Sahn has ever seen an elf or even thought of one for at least a hundred years!


Game Day 3: Relic of Makara

Sunday, May 12, 11am-4pm, ages 8-15, $99

Theo Wirth Park, 3200 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis

 High Combat Play

Empire Attack with Lances

An adventure in Old Iztan far across the Southern Sea!

When the exact location of a reliquary holding the bones of Imurrun Kaliz Adhor are revealed in a passage of a long-lost book during an important council of intellectuals, the warriors of Citraka head into the dreaded swamps of Makara to retrieve it.

But Citraka finds that sage-sorcerers from the Desert of Mysteries are already there! Did spies infiltrate the council?  Did the spell-trickery of the desert people reveal this secret to their masters in the House of Raxiss?

Either way, the crocodilian Makarans are ready to show their brand of hospitality by making permanent guests of both Raxissian and Citrakan visitors!


Game Night: The Hunt

Saturday, May 18, 5-10pm, ages 11-16, $99

West Bush Lake Park, 9401 West Bush Lake Rd, Bloomington

 High Combat Play


A contest in a nightmarish, new gothic realm by former camper Ethan Martin :

In Libeterre the Hunt is on and the fourth age is about to dawn!

Zealots pray beneath the gentle light of the Three Sister Moons, consecrating their blades as both steeple and spire turn to fortress.

A howl pierces the forest air, calling fellow beasts of the night to emerge from their slumber and play.

Hunters gather around a fire in the heart of the Sanctum loading silvered lead into pistols as they steel their minds for the hunt that awaits.

Who will be the ascendant power in this new age: man*, moon or monster?


*man used for alliterative effect, not gender exclusion 🙂



Space Opera Mini-Camp:

Scavengers of Foundry 

Memorial Day Weekend

Sat - Mon, May 25-27,11am-4pm, ages 8-16, $299

West Bush Lake Park, 9401 West Bush Lake Rd, Bloomington
 High Combat Play

Search for starship parts on a ruined world! Battle with other scrappy bands of ‘scavs’ in live action melee and simulated orbital dogfights! 

The overgrown junk-world of Foundry III was once famed for its massive industry and experimental starship designs. Originally known as Jorkad; the planet was a lush jungle-world filled with unique flora and fauna. After the Custodians discovered large veins of Vampirium ore they converted the planet to Foundry III. In a single decade the surface was razed for industry, the ore exhausted and the panet written off as a dead world. Scarce times have now brought bands of ‘scavs’ back to collect the loot left behind!

Forest exploration, melee combat and an arsenal of over ninety nerf guns round out this mini-camp's grand three-day game!

pulse rifle