Adventures in Cardboard seeks to re-inspire community-oriented, creative play, both theatrical and tactically competitive, in beautiful wild places. 

We facilitate activities that demand the use of legs and feet as much as hands and head, where artist-instructors seek to unleash a zeal for creative role-playing, and where “wonder” is the preferred path to igniting a passion for design, construction and playful exploration of the natural world.

In Adventures in Cardboard, artists and children take inspiration from the natural world to create their own fantastic places to inhabit and explore. We know that natural spaces open the imagination, and in turn the imagination can open new respect and longing for the natural world. From the work of Richard Louv and others describing “Nature Deficit Disorder” we know children are smarter, healthier and happier when they have time for open play in natural places.

Adventures in Cardboard also seeks to instill children with the strong notion, gained from experience, that any group of kids is a resource for creative fun that can easily compete with the fun of screens. No guilt-tripping here: our counselors also love and enjoy the incredible video games and digital delights of our age, but Adventures in Cardboard has a track record of inspiring children to organize their own group summer adventures at home with little more than their combined imagination, a thicket of trees and maybe a scrap of cardboard.

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