Make Your Own Camp!

Adventures in Cardboard is now offering personalized experiences for small, local groups of kids. With full and half day sessions and a wide variety of customizable add-ons, we can deliver an exciting, safe and unique Adventures in Cardboard experience right in your neighborhood! To get a quote, just fill out the survey linked below and one of our Coordinators will reach out to you to explore details and arrangements.

Here are a few important things to consider.

WHERE: Programming can take place in any outdoor green space: private or public. The best places to host AiC are in large places with at least one fields and lots of trails and some wild-feeling or forested areas. An athletic park with few trees and lacking in diverse terrain is less optimal

We'll also need an outdoor, open-air, rain shelter near or preferably in the park you would like us to be in. The shelter will be used for storing large projects and maintaining social distance safely in all weather conditions. If your green space does not have shelters we have large pavilions that can be set up almost anywhere.

We recommend that you reach out to municipal or regional parks individually, but AiC can provide information to contact management at any parks we have a previous relationship with. If you mention you are planning an event with Adventures in Cardboard, these parks in the seven county metro area can help you make arrangements.

WHEN: Summer weeks are very busy for us and can be difficult to arrange. Meeting in Spring and Fall is often easier to arrange, when camps can be hosted over a series of weekends, after school or over a holiday break.

HOW MANY: Camp programming works best for larger groups. Our parties work better for smaller groups. We usually set our minimum camp size at 12, though 15 to 20 can be more fun and over 20 campers can add much excitement! If you don't have enough people in your immediate community for a larger camp, reaching out to local schools, neighborhood organizations, park and recreation centers or churches can help you expand your community. Sometimes we can help you get a few more participants depending on where your camp will be located. 

COVID SAFTEY: For the safety of adventurers and staff, we require that each camper wear a face mask and comply with regular hand washing and sanitation as requested by staff until the regional outlook on the pandemic improves.

SUGGESTED AGES: While we offer programming for children as young as 6, we highly recommend that groups with younger ones consider our “enchanted” programming option designed for adventurers who might not quite be combat ready. Feel free to inquire which programming will suit your group. 

ADD YOUR OWN IDEAS: Because "Make Your Own Camp" is a personalized product and some requests are more resource intensive for Adventures in Cardboard, our prices are based off of the programming you decide to create for your adventurers. If you have any questions about pricing, please reach out!

Make Your Own Camp!

  • "Make Your Own Camp" Personalization Form

    Any of this can be changed. We just want to start getting an idea of how we can help you make your personalized AiC experience memorable for you and your adventurers! Things to consider as we help you create your own camp: Where would you like this experience to take place? Do you have access to forested private property, to a house near a spacious park or school or university campus? What is the age range of your participants? Our Classic programming is designed for ages 8-15, our Theatrical and Tactical programming for ages 12-16, and our Enchanted programming for ages 6-8.
  • This includes the "home base location" (where we could go for necessary big project storage as well as emergency weather shelter)
  • Please note that if we do experience a certain density of requests on a given day, we may ask afternoon half day-ers to push their session back an hour so our staff may transition between different sites.
  • Please feel free to be as detailed as you'd like here, we'd love to know how we can personalize each camp. Do you or your adventurers have a crazy idea? Let's talk about how to make it happen!