Games for Grown-Ups

The same programming that has garnered a reputation for leaving kids battling for more is now available for adults too!

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We have various options to fit your needs and are always open to collaboration for a custom one-of-a-kind event. It can be your group coming and building template taggers and shields with us or borrowing some of our pre-built designs as part of our Classic AiC format! We will then go over the basics of safe-sword tag before launching into small field games to test your skill and then into a larger competitive game of Capture the Flag. Find yourself lost in the whimsy of running with a flag in one hand and your sword in another as your friends – now turned enemies – chase after you. If swords and daggers aren’t your cup of tea, join us for a Limitless Worlds format.

Limitless Worlds is a collaborative event format, involving conversations between you and our staff artists to come up with an out-of-this-world experience; maybe it involves a sci-fi version of our Classic AiC with cyborg weapons and fights over resources for survival, maybe it takes the form of a giant room filled with cardboard stalagmites and stalactites, maybe our staff come in character and lead participants through miniature versions of the popular tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons, maybe it involves a Mad Hatter-esque cardboard tea party. Again, whatever your cup of tea may be, Limitless Worlds is an open collaboration that is as Limitless as the confines of your imagination.

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Choose a variation on our Classic AiC format: we build pre-cut sword-taggers and shields together before learning the rules of safe-sword tag and then engaging in small field games with a final big game of Capture the Flag.
  • Build sword-taggers and shields together and then play field games and Capture the Flag. Keep your custom taggers to take home and continue to fight with!
  • Borrow our pre-built taggers and join us for field games leading up to a massive game of Capture the Flag!
  • Customize details on pre-built taggers and shields before learning the rules of safe-sword tag and jumping into fields game with a final rowdy game of Capture the Flag. Our staff will have built the taggers beforehand for you to do final customization on and take home at the end of the event.
  • We are able to collaborate on any event to offer custom programming: examples of this include challenging teams to come up with creative battle chants, bringing along a supply of costume props and accessories for individuals and teams to create fantasy identities with, and creating a team sigil that is then applied to team swords and shields. Imagine the winning team receiving a massive cardboard trophy to divide up and take home! We can make this happen!


Or join us for Limitless Worlds: a one-time one-of-a-kind occasion! With Limitless Worlds, we break away from our traditional format of fantasy swordplay and embrace creative expression in crafting. Limitless Worlds is a collaboration between our artist-staff
  • Assigned teams compete in a series of challenges, all of which must be solved using the tools of collaboration, cardboard, and some tape.
  • Host an open world crafting session, using our artists experiential knowledge to build epic creations of your imagination.
  • Allow AiC to decorate your event space in a theme of your choosing with a beautiful epic cardboard installation!
  • Take one of our Classic AiC formats and customize to a period in history or to a specific genre.

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Every event could use a little sword play!
  • A bachelor, bachelorette, or pre-nuptial celebration!
  • A birthday party or other cause to celebrate!
    • Imagine ringing in your 30th or 60th birthday with a game of Capture the Flag against your family, friends, neighbors, and close community – all while wielding swords and daggers at each other!
  • Corporate Events
    • Team bonding
      • There is arguably no better way to bring a team together, whether it is specifically as a team building exercise or simply for the thrill of playing together after working together, than to hand everyone a sword and host a competitive dueling circle! You know you want to…
      • Going over battle tactics and strategy helps participants reflect on their own strengths and the strengths of their teammates in a way that is both individualistic and collaborative.
        • Our programming can be adjusted to help individuals label self-strengths and then collectively recognize how their strengths work within a team setting. We tend to assign ourselves labels, such as “the creative”, “the leader”, “the organizer”, and “the activator” when working in team spaces. What if we wore colors to represent these “labels” and then worked with our team in competitive games where we recognize each other’s strengths as they play out in a visible way beyond work-place confines. Just one of the many ways to customize programming to team building exercises.
      • You have to think strategically, collaboratively, and quickly while playing Capture the Flag. In order to win, your team needs to work together.
    • A wedding!
      • What better way to say your “I do’s” than with a beautiful crafted cardboard wedding! Our skilled artists will craft all the visual details for your big day: decorations for the aisle and for the altar, cardboard bouquets to say your commitment to creativity is real; table numbers, event signs and other details for the reception area.
      • Why not take the next big step and host a game day with your wedding party? Not only will we make the visuals for your big day, our staff will make custom sword-taggers and shields with guests or bring along a collection of pre-made swords and shields for use in small field games. Watch as your families become truly united while fighting against each other!

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Our talented artist staff can bring the adventure to you or welcome you to the Adventures in Cardboard Studio space!

Our studio is in the Old Flair Fountain building, on the corner of East 45th Street and Hiawatha in the South Minneapolis area; readily accessible by light rail and public transit as well as by multiple bike paths. We are a short walk to Minnehaha parkway where much of our play-fighting takes place. After the battle has ended, you are welcome to continue the event in our studio space or walk the short distance to Venn Brewing, the Bull’s Horn Food and Drink, or Parkway Pizza, among other options.

No matter your event needs, our team of skilled improvisational artists can rise to the challenge. Both you and your guests will leave wondering why this kind of adventure can’t happen every day.

P.s. it can! Check out our job applications,

Pricing starts at $47 per person with a minimum of 12 participants. This pricing changes for options that require more prep time on our part and more supplies. A percentage of each per person charge goes directly to the Scholarship Fund for our summer camps. If you have questions on pricing and packages, please contact the [email protected] account for more information.

If your group is interested in directly giving to the AiC Scholarship Fund, please send an email to [email protected]

For more information on adult programming or for an event inquiry, please contact Julian at [email protected]

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