Leo Hickey

Camp Coordinator (Band of Mountains)

King Midas the Gold-Touched, twice revived by campers! The esteemed (and wrongly framed…) host of the disco pirate murder mystery! The fearsome yet kindhearted Boarsman (brother to the Swinesman), the father of Monster Cards live spectator coverage, and frequent performer at the castle dancy party! Tales of Leo’s mischief and whimsy are said by some to be greatly exaggerated… but you’ll have to judge for yourself.
A Band of Mountains Coordinator with a background in illustration and performing arts, Leo brings an out-of-the-box creative energy to Adventures in Cardboard that empowers campers to shape their week into something special. Rarely seen out of costume, Leo enjoys leading play that prioritizes storytelling, goofy cooperation, and finding ways to convert raw camper passion into new activities that keep camp fresh and ever-changing. Leo is often found being executed for his tyrannical rule over the castle, helping a camper figure out how she can make a lance that’s also a tiger, or overseeing an honorable wizard duel. But don’t think it’s all fun and games: give him a greatsword and a mask and he’ll be the terror of the trails. Though it’s possible his bark is worse than his bite.