Woe in Willmar

The Story: The Hamlet of Koot on the edge of The Great Irradiated Expanse is disturbed nightly by strange lights and noises emerging from somewhere beyond the dunes marking the border of The Expanse. When villagers start to disappear and metal beings appear demanding tribute to “Gallus Gallus 46” several of the bravest of Koot decide to volunteer themselves as tribute. It turns all too horrible, all too fast!

Style of Play: A Gamma World-style whimsical post-apocalyptic adventure. Some grisly details emerge. You may play humans, mutated humans or mutated animals… maybe even mutated plant life. This will be a very narrative and story-oriented adventure with some sandbox exploration as well.

Preparation: You tell me what you want to play based on a simple questionnaire. Pre-made characters will be sent out to you based on your choices and you can further adapt them. Secret information and lore packets will come to you as well. This is information that only your character knows and that you may use to play and share with other players (or not) at your own peril!

About the GM: Actor, designer, gamer, and all around general fool, Julian McFaul loves a good story. Expect good cheer and expect memorable, hilarious and thrilling stories we'll all create together!

Game Master: Julian Mcfaul (he)
suggested Ages: 5th, 6th, 7th grade
limit: 6 players
5 Sessions, 4-6pm
Wed-SUN, April 15-19
5th Ed D&D (simple House Rules)
Hosted on zoom