Miles Latham

Camp Coordinator (Band of Mountains)

Miles is a coordinator for the Band of Mountains with a background in creative writing, stage management, and performing arts education. He has been with AiC and the Band of Mountains since 2022. Some would say he also bears a striking resemblance to certain characters known throughout the Realm: among them the mystical fortuneteller Professor Wyrd, the aquatic rollerskater Mer-Miles, and the fearsome Swinesman (slightly less fearsome than his brother The Boarsman). Maybe he just has one of those faces?

At camp, you can find Miles or his doppelgängers in the castle helping campers create the box fort of their dreams, on a mission to collect a compilation of the Realm’s finest Wizard Poetry, or dueling with a weapon that might be described as more sculptural than functional. Ask him about his cardboard electric guitar!