Moonfall: The End of All Things


The Story Set in the realm of Zanth, in a medieval fantasy world of monsters and magic. You are all adventurers who each hail from different lands across the realm. You have all made your way to the Court of Queen Talma, ruler of Zanth. The Queen had sent out messengers to all the neighboring provinces, requesting the aid of any brave heroes who would embark on a dangerous quest of dire importance — she claimed the very fate of the world was at stake. After arriving at the Queen’s magnificent Crystal Castle, she explained that a villainous cult (known as the Children of the Void) were planning on bringing about the apocalypse by pulling the very Moon from the sky and crashing it down upon the world. This apocalyptic event — known as The Moonfall — was foretold in an ancient prophecy, and the Queen now feared that it was finally coming to pass.

The Children of the Void reside in the ruins of an old temple, The Shadow Sanctum, located at the farthest edge of Zanth. The Queen explains it is from this mysterious temple that the cult is performing their dark ritual. It has become clear that time is short: the Moon draws closer and closer, growing noticeably larger in the sky with each passing day. Queen Talma had already sent dozens of adventurers before you, but all of them have so far failed in their quest, meeting their demise one after the other. You are now the final group to heed her call, and the last hope for the world. On your journey you will encounter wild animals, vicious monsters, dastardly traps, mysterious strangers, magical artifacts, hidden secrets and valuable treasures — all while traversing the treacherous landscape to reach The Shadow Sanctum and prevent the end of all things. Take up arms, brave heroes! The fate of the world hangs in the balance!

GM: Marc Berg
suggested Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th
limit: 5 players
8 Sessions, 3:30-5:30pm
Dec 15-18 Mon-Fri, Dec 20-22 Sun-Tue
Hosted on ROll20 

Style of Play Custom rules of my own design, inspired mostly by D&D and Pathfinder, as well as other roleplaying games. The rules are easy-to-learn and meant to make gameplay exciting and fast-paced! Choose from a cast of unique pre-made characters to play as, each with their own specific stats, equipment, and abilities. Roleplay, solve puzzles, discover secrets, find treasure, navigate danger, and engage in thrilling combat against monsters and more!

Player Preparation A MICROPHONE IS REQUIRED. We will be using voice chat to communicate, and it is crucial that we can all hear each other. Headphones are encouraged, because they help cut down on feedback and echoing. We will spend the first 30-60 minutes of the first session learning how to play and choosing characters. You may receive some background information before the first session, but don’t get ahead of yourself — all final decisions about our characters will be made on the first day. You’ll be choosing from a series of pre-made characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You will all need to register a free account on, if you don’t already have one. Everyone will receive an invitation link to the game in their email on the first day, before we play.

PLEASE NOTE: it is NOT recommended that you use a tablet to play this game. A laptop or desktop computer works the best. If a tablet is your only means of playing the game, you can still use one, but just know that there may be some unintended problems that might arise because tablets are not officially supported by Roll20. Please let me know ahead of time if you plan on using a tablet, and I will send you some helpful tips that might help.

About the GM Marc Berg is a seasoned Game Master with over a decade of experience running tabletop games such as Pathfinder and D&D. He likes to run games with an equal focus on roleplaying, combat, and exploration; rewarding cooperation, creativity, and curiosity.