Nemesis of The Guild

The Story: Something awful is afoot in Grolwind's Point.  Adventurers-for-hire can feel things ain't right and many have stopped taking jobs because some have gone missing. It's not a great time to be in charge of the Adventurers' Guild when you're awash with so many yellow-bellied fools, but Bardolph the Belligerent has found a new map and needs newcomers like yourselves to summon your courage and see what can be found.  After all, it's only a treasure map, right?  Oh yes, and pay no attention to the hooded figure following you in the shadows.

Style of Play: Plenty of combat with a helping personalized storytelling and a bit of detective work.  If players demonstrate they're invested in something, Tyler will lean into that.

Preparation: If you can, set up a 10-30 minute phone call with Tyler to discuss what sort of story you want to tell.

fantasy flight guild hall
GM: Tyler "Gleep Glop" Stamm
suggested Grades: 4th, 5th, 6th
limit: 6 players
9 Sessions, FRI-SAT, May 1-17
Fridays, 4-6pm, Sats & SUNs, 11-1pm
Hosted on ROll20 

About the GM: Tyler is a local theatre artist that says "TALLYHO" to all things absurd and poetic.  He's an actor, producer, painter, and substitute teacher, but probably his most notable achievement is being able to do Elmo's voice from Sesame Street.  So much so, that all the kids he teaches can't even remember his real name.  To them, he's "Mr. Elmo", a monkey who'll dance for them.