Sailing Strange Skies


The Story: Above a world ruined by war, life still thrives. The sky teems with solar whales, blimp squid, and cities built on immense floating islands. But cities mean money, and money means PIRATES! In this swashbuckling, skyfaring romp, players will take the roles of scurvy pirates aboard a floating sky-ship, sailing this new aerial world in search of gold and adventure. Will they save the sky from impending destruction, or will they merely steal all they can before the end of the world?

Style of Play: This story-focused reinterpretation of Dungeons and Dragons will reward players who love exploring beautiful new worlds... and sometimes looting them or setting them on fire. The game's story will be mostly episodic, and each week the players will discover a new floating island to explore or nautical challenge to overcome.

Preparation: Each player will fill out a short online survey indicating what sort of character they would like to play, and then the GM will build them the perfect pirate to suit their fancy.

GM: Kieran "Cap'n Bob" SHeldon (he/they)
suggested Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th
limit: 6 players
10 Sessions, June 29-July 10
MondayS-FridayS, 2-4pm CST
5th Edition D&D
Hosted on ROll20 

About the GM: Kieran (known at camp as "Cap'n Bob") is a Game Design student with over a decade of GM experience and a love of working with younger players. In his previous games, his 4th-8th-grade players have slain the Kraken, stopped an alien invasion, fulfilled an ancient prophecy, and accidentally opened a portal to the Viking Dimension. He can do a darn good pirate voice.