The Haunting of Stagfrost Manor

The Story In the kingdom of the House of Hart, a lonely village in the mountains holds a dark secret. Stagfrost Manor, the home of a once-great noble Hartian house, had fallen into disgrace and disrepair… but the Hartians say that the Manor is awake once more. Whispers of ghostly apparitions in the early morning mists, eerie noises in the dead of the cold nights, and unexplained disappearances--as well as rumors of vaults of gold beyond imagining--have been heard throughout the Realm. Though the locals dare not go near the Manor, these strange stories have caught the attention of a band of intrepid adventurers. What will they find, among the mountain mists, the frosted dark branches, and long-abandoned corridors of Stagfrost? Will it be glory and riches? Or only terror and death?

Style of Play Highly theatrical and tailored to group interests. Includes fantasy violence, some spookiness, lots of magic and very high fantasy. The game will veer dramatic or humorous depending on the kids.

GM: Rachel "Alfie" Howard Sulentic
suggested Grades: 5th - 7th
limit: 6 players
Nov 21 - Dec 19
5 Sundays: 10am - 12pm 
D&D 5th Edition
Hosted on Roll20

Preparation: Participants will need to either choose a pre-made character sheet from options that I will send out, or build their own if they know how. They must have a complete character sheet by the first session!

About the GM Rachel (AKA Alfie the Elf Adventurer) loves to put her passions for fantasy, theatre, and the outdoors into action at Adventures in Cardboard. In addition to being an all-around nerd, she is an actor, professional artist, published author, and art educator at Kidcreate Art Studio. She lives with her husband, Logan, and loves playing Dungeons and Dragons in her free time. Rachel is excited to bring her expertise to the table and geek out with you as your Dungeon Master!