The Spring Adventure Board

If you're stuck at home, looking for something new check back here in early April for activities you can join with Adventures in Cardboard's favorite counselors.



Register from scores of online RPGs with your favorite celebrity counselors on a variety of gaming & group platforms, from one day to several weeks in length.

  • Some games will be Realm-themed adventures exploring the mysteries of AiC lore in all ages!
  • Some of these games will be played more or less as ourselves at camp, but as if everything in the park were absolutely real and as dangerous as it is in our imaginations… e.g. “Kill your counselor! No really!”
  • Some of these games will be run as arena contests or battles royale; e.g. you can opt into a game as an individual challenging another individual or as part of your own house, battling other houses in fantastic settings based on the real features we often play in at every park.
  • Some of these games will be relatively or thoroughly violence-free RPGs (though definitely not danger-free) based on the adventures of small backyard animals or bands of plucky kids living in a literary-style Idyllic Olde England, Ireland or America.



Register once and get a month-long pass to choose from an array of weekly offerings. Our imaginative, empathetic and improvisational counselors will be creating and posting camp-themed online participatory activities of every conceivable category for creative thinking, silliness, physical and social engagement with like-minded people.

Possibilities may include but are not at all limited to:

  • a variety of cardboard building tutorials (of course!)
  • a variety of fencing and fight choreography tutorials
  • spell creation sessions and Wizard Duels
  • our beloved Sage Debates where we pontificate on the metaphysical realities of The Realm
  • online band practice & recording sessions (to be shared on The Realmic Music Channel of course!)
  • a variety of drawing/painting tutorials
  • a variety of make-up, costume or cosplay tutorials
  • live-action group storytelling sessions
  • a dizzying array of theatre games and/or improvisation sessions
  • art shares / art shows with the Online-Action Galerie du Royaume (OAGR)
  • “Let’s invent a New Game” discussions for new rules and new games
  • fan-kid discussions and scene-shares from pop-culture, games and lit
  • The Punel (à la CONvergence): a panel of experts discusses various topics entirely in puns



In coordination with The Cardboard Forge  you can peruse and choose from several arms and armor sets sent to you to build at home over a 5 week period. Soon you’ll be able to check out some of our new customizable designs from Game Masters Julian McFaul & Tyler Stamm and Armory Master Pete Talbot of The Cardboard Tech Instantute / Pinbox 3000!  New designs will be added as they are completed by other talented artists who’s arms and armor designs are often sought after by campers.