Waldorf Adventure: The Tomb of Erebus, Wednesdays with Tyler

The Story: The Deep Elves have unearthed an ancient tomb, a crypt so long-buried that it was thought to be lost--until now. The tomb holds an old, deep magic, one that could change the Deeps of the Realm forever. Many have tried to brave the crypt's horrors, but all have failed. Now, the Court of Seorma Dorcha has summoned a party of brave adventurers to retrieve this Elder magic, or perish trying.

Style of Play: Highly theatrical and tailored to group interests. Fantasy violence and some spookiness, lots of magic and very high fantasy, The game will be dramatic or humorous depending on the kids.

Preparation: Custom character creation sheets and a pre-made set of characters will be sent to you before game for you to create your own character or to use one of ours and further adapt it to your preferences. Secret information and lore packets will come to you as well. This is information that only your character knows and that you may use to play and share with other players (or not) at your own peril! Our first session will be spent introducing the party to each other and exploring some of the world that this game will be set in. Subsequent sessions will see action-packed adventures with plenty of time for roleplay and lore.

dnd tomb
Game Master: Tyler (he)
suggested Ages: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade
limit: 6 players
6 Sessions, 3:30-5:30pm
Wednesdays, April 8 - May 13
5th Ed D&D (simplified House Rules)
Hosted on Roll20

About the GM: Tyler loves to be surprised, especially when it comes to acting and improvising while helping kids create fantastical characters. He loves role playing because it invites people to be silly, clever, and poetic. Tyler is an actor who enjoys Shakespeare, has produced his own shows, and who has worked with Theatre Coup d’Etat numerous times. He is currently designing swords and armor with the Cardboard Forge and looks forward to seeing his designs recreated by kids at home. Tyler is excited to invite players into a world of possibility, roleplay, and adventure through our online campaigns!