The Great House of A'Quila

You are a member of the Honorable House of Aquila! The Aquilans first came to the Realm to conquer it. To seek forgiveness for their ruinous actions, they became Paladins - noble warriors who fight for justice and righteousness. They have become renowned throughout the Realm for their chivalry as well as their fighting skills. As an Aquilan, you are fair-minded and outspoken, you never back down from a challenge, and you always stand up for your friends.

Aquila Champion

An A'quilan commander surveys his surroundings while leading his troupes on a military campaign. He carries the Phoenix Banner, whose feathers hold regenerative powers that can be used to heal his fallen men. House A'quila is made of the remnants of the Iztani empire that long ago had sought to establish dominion over the Realm. They value wisdom, justice, and honor, and have taken it upon themselves to be a source of authority within the realm. Their house sigil is the eagle.

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The Paládinic Sanctuary of A’quilah: Knights of Redemption

The Paladins of A’quila are the noble remnants of an ancient civilization that ruled over a vast empire encompassing The Realm and lands far beyond. Overexpansion, endless war, and economic collapse were all factors in the downfall of the Iztani Empire many ages ago.