The Paládinic Sanctuary of A’quilah: Knights of Redemption

"Followers of the Way"

Many Iztani people remained in the Realm after the Empire that drove them to fight against the House of Hart abandoned them. The Iztani had come from a vast continent across the southern ocean that for a time was ruled by a nameless, deathless queen who imperialized many lands. Endless war, economic collapse and the Curse of Tor Alséa were all factors in the retreat of the Iztani Empire.

The last of seven Iztani citadels the Empire abandoned to Hartian vengeance in the Realm was Khad Zhere. During its siege, many Iztani escaped and followed the prophet Grisla on a treacherous journey to the Northern Islands: an untouched remnant of Iztani civilization that remained the Realm far from the House of Hart. Some who escaped Khad Zhere had been Paladins under the legendary commander Ranraki who were told by her to protect their people.

In that long, treacherous escape, Grisla taught her followers the Way of A’quilah which had come to her in dreams from Quileth the Plumed. Grisla preached a way of righteous thoughts, words and deeds that would result in every person born on Earth finding peace, prosperity and purpose. Her followers believed their people's suffering and eventual redemption would come as prophesied when they atoned for the death and destruction their ancestors had brought to the Realm. Within a year of her arrival in the Northern Islands, every city-state there was following the Way of A’quilah.

The Way of A’quilah is a system of law written in the Codex of Plumes that the Paladins believe will help them end the cycle of vengeance in the Realm. They believe they can unite Iztani and Wyddic powers and ultimately free Iztan from the nameless one.

Their vow has brought them back south to mitigate the oppression the Bracelet of Knights now heaps upon the common people of Rhaetia.  The Bracelet is a vengeful and powerful faction of the House of Hart that has come to control the High Throne in Icenia. Most in the Esteemed House of Hart do NOT seek vengeance, but the Bracelet wields extraordinary power. Thus, the Paladins have come to be viewed by many Rhaetian commoners as torch-bearers of an ancient and forgotten authority, as silver riders on the roam. They are often called upon to end blood-feuds between families or to champion disputes with abusive overlords. Many in Rhaetia now truly believe the Paladins possess an ancient authority that casts them as the rightful protectors of the common people.

Many high-born and powerful families of the House of Hart are bent on exterminating the last of the Paladins.

Paládinic Family Names: G'iztani, No'enor, Il'bran, El'ezar, El'enor, Il’laurelle, Il'shazdá, Il'äenor, Joghadin, Hasht-Il'Put

A'quilah’s hue is azure.

A'quilah’s crest is azure a falcon displayed or in full over a chevron sable.

The Bird of Prey is the sigil Quil'eth the Plumed, Falcon of Ranraki. The black chevron in a bue field is the emergence/birth of the Paládinic Sanctuary from a dark past in the western sea under the guidance of the sigil.

Virtues most esteemed by the House of A'quilah are wisdom, resourcefulness and vigilance.

A'quilah pronounced: AWE-kwi-lah