The Elder House of Draech: Clan of the Hidden Song

“The Secret People”

The origins of the House of Draech lie in the tragedy of the downfall of the Aeleredadd. A few thousand years ago, a timeless Sorrow erupted, throwing their country into civil war and toppling the city of Dumnonia. The wise ones of the family of Gwybda made a horrible sacrifice to banish the Sorrow but were left with a curse they could not heal. A new sigil called to the people of Gwybda in dreams; a mythical dragon of their ancient homeland, Atál an Teá, drew them out of the ruined Mabon Valley and into the most hidden and magical place in the Realm, the Aergwyll. Here they put the knowledge of their ancestors to work guarding a secret that few outside an inner order of Magificars can understand. This magical order within Draechi society are the secretive Gwybdwylli who with a single song brought down the walls of Khad Zhere in the Elder Wars of Empire.

Often called the “Forest People” or “Dragon-Tamers”, their schools of magic are also intimately familiar with the ways and languages of beasts. Some allege the existence of a secret society within The House of Draech whose members can move through the forest as silently and invisibly as if they were the elements themselves.

Though many families of Hart consider themselves high-born in comparison to the people of Draech, some in "The Clan of the Many Pointed Stag" say they see an ancient version of themselves in "The Clan of the Hidden Song", a version of themselves before they were changed by the Elder Wars of Empire.

And besides, the highest families of Hart have always sent their children to the Aergwyll for good raising!

Draechi Family Names: Aillach, Breuil, Aeryn, Lyghe, Fheaglain, Eilimi, Rynda

Draech’s hue is vert.

Draech’s crest is sable two gauntlets or, per chevron chartreuse a dragon rampant or.

The Dragon in a charteuse field is the sigil that called the Iowydd to the Aergwyll. The gauntlets in a black field rep two separate orders of the Gwybdwylli and the secret charge they have been given to protect what they were shown there.

Virtues most esteemed by the House of Draek are boldness, intelligence and alacrity.

Draech pronounced Drake

Small Draech Shield