House Hákkarl: The Seekers

“Clan of the Toothy Deep”

The Ikkerik are the latest arrivals to The Realm, though they have discovered the tradition of establishing magical connections to the land through the appearance of a mystical Sigil. The House of Hákkarl is their house, the newest and least established of lineage-clans. Their language is said to be intelligible to the Ghoddi and Khodé people, but the Ikkerik speak in a manner that other newcomers consider ancient.

A mystery to all other clans, none have yet discerned the ultimate goals and objectives of these people. The Ikkerik raid all lands in equal measure, and for this they are considered pirates and plunderers by all, including the Houses of Sahn-Gliér and Arko.

The Elder Houses consider the Ikkerik even more barbaric than the Khodé, though they are sometimes sought for the usefulness and beauty of the objects they make with their own hands. It is a mystery how the smiths of Hákkarl devise some of the strongest and supplest blades ever seen in the Realm.

The people of Hákkarl remain primarily a seafaring people, both fearless mariners and exquisite ship builders. The House of Hákkarl is as well respected for her sea-faring skills as her fighting skills.

The Ikkerik have little interest in magic but are extremely inventive when it comes to crafting machines, ships and engines of war. The Secret Fire of Hákkarl is a non-magical substance that flames on open water and is greatly feared by all ships of the line.

Some sages have postulated an ancient relationship between the Ikkerik and the Iztani that dates back to beyond the formation of the Iztani Empire. These sages say The House of Hákkarl’s recent establishment on the beaches of The Realm begins to fulfill an ancient and forgotten prophecy that predicts The House of A'quilah’s reborn wisdom and a final peace between all Houses of The Realm.

Hákkarla Family Names: Gylfang, Agnar, Ingolfr, Vilhjalmer, Sigurd, Hludana

Hákkarl's hue is sable.

Hákkarl's crest is pale-gris a knotwork wyrm argent in full, gyronny sable.

The beast is both the Sjohere and Tigh Brú Hahn, monster of the deep and leader of the Hákkarla on the sable gyronny of Tyfig, the in-between-place mirror of sea and stars.

Virtues most esteemed by the House of Hákkarl are tenacity, vigilance and decisiveness.

Hákkarl pronounced with the "á" as in apple, HACK - arl.

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