The House of Sahn-Gliér: Clan of the Beast

“Aliens in a New World”

The people of the House of Sahn-Gliér, the Khodé, are cousins to the people of Arko, but the Khodé came much later to The Realm, and synthesized far less. The House of Sahn-Gliér remains deeply suspicious of the Elder Houses, and though they have a culture similar to the Ghoddi of Arko they have protected their old traditions much more strongly.

Though currently not as well established politically and economically in the Realm, the Khodé make up for it in martial prowess. The warband or weorod remains the primary organizational force in Khodéic society. Temperamental and independent to a fault, the Khodé nonetheless make the best of allies. Where Arkans laugh in the face of danger, the faces of the Khodé inspire fear.

From their first ship landings in The Realm, the Khodé fought fiercely with to establish their lineage’s claim on the land. There is little love from the Elder Houses for the “new” House of Sahn-Gliér, though the Khodé do not shrink from any excuse to feud with their Arkan neighbors as well. Arkans rarely describe their cousins as friendly, but the people of Sahn-Gliér do have a loyal nature and are highly respected as oath-keepers. Thankfully the Khodé do not rise quickly to anger, though they rarely forgive and never forget.

Through the religious and cultural practices of the Khodé, the old world of the newcomers can be glimpsed at: warrior-gods and sacrifice, trial-by-combat and the blood feud. Central to Sahn-Gliéran cosmology is the sacred hunt of Twr-Twrch, the Great Boar, a hunting custom very similar to the tusked and horned goblin-people of the Sahn who first showed the Khodé kindness and mercy as foreigners in an alien land. The goblin name for the region the Khodé first inhabited was incorporated into the name of their Esteemed House: The Wild Ones of the Sahn. A glié is a khodéic word for a wild beast but also used as a poetic synonym for a ‘bastard’ or orphan. The house may be thought of as “The Adopted of The Sahn” or, more in spirt of the word glié, “The Bastards of The Sahn.” Many of the House of Sahn-Gliér are also displaced individuals from goblin, hobgoblin and even ogrish clans.

Sahnglieran Family Names: Saxa, Bertna, Irmunsul, Degn-Deod, Deow, Dunor, Utlaga

Sahn-Gliér's hue is tyrian.

Sahn-Gliér's crest is sable a boar statant regardant argent in full, gyronny tyrian.

The sigil is Twr-Twrch the warthog of Middangeard (sigil or Roergar) and the great boar of the Sahn - a similar beast. The tyrian gyronny are goblinkind and hidzi under the House of Sahn-Gliér in Irmunsul.

Virtues most esteemed by the House of Sahn-Gliér are honorloyalty and courage.

Sahn-Gliér pronounced Sahn-glee-YAY

Small Sahn-Gliér Shield