The Great House of Arko

You are from the Great House of Arko! The Arkans came to the Realm from the East and immediately befriended the Dwarves. They built great longhouses underneath the Realm's mountains, becoming renowned for their wisdom and skill in both making and using weapons. As an Arkan, you are known for being steady and practical, you enjoy working with your hands and can be absorbed in a project for hours!

Arko Champion

An Arkan warrior prepares for combat against a hostile stranger threatening her hillside village. Donning the Haefod Beorn (Head of the Bear), she is prone to fall into a berserker rage as the spirit of the Great Bear takes over her, granting her the resilience of a bear and increased invulnerability. House Arko came to the realm from far off Middangeard, seeking refuge from famine and tyranny. They have established themselves as hardy farmers and stout warriors, and have close family ties which they will defend fiercely. Their house sigil is the bear.

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The House of Arko: From Half, a Whole

The earliest of the hardy waves of new-coming pioneers were the Ghoddi. They came from distant and failing lands east of the sea. Skilled farmers and great warriors, they were both raiders and refugees. They sailed west to the Realm to escape famine and subjugation and were quickly pressured by the House of Hart to fight the Iztani in the Elder Wars of Empire.