The Great House of Drake

You got the Ancient House of Drake! The first humans to enter the Realm, they are friends with the Elves and skilled in the magical arts. As a Drakian, you are soft-spoken and wise beyond your years, you enjoy learning new things and making art, you also love plants and animals and spend much of your time outdoors!

Drake Champion

A Drakian sorcerer conjures a fireball to ward off invaders in their forest. They bear the Dragonscale Cloak on their shoulder, augmenting their fire spells to armor-melting proportions. House Drake is an ancient house, deeply steeped in their Wyddic roots. They tend to keep to themselves, and are seen as mysterious and are known for their magical capabilities. Their house sigil is the dragon.

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The Elder House of Draech: Clan of the Hidden Song

The origins of the House of Drake are lost in mystery, but their language is similar to the people of Hart even if their ways are different. Whether they came earlier than the ancestors of the House of Hart is unknown, but in the first ages the people of Drake long remained a secret to most families of Hart.