The Great House of Hakkarl

You hail from the Great House of Hakkarl! The Hakkarlans were the last house to arrive in the Realm, taking it by storm. They sailed form the North, raiding and reaving along the coast as they traveled. Fearsome warriors, the Hakkarlans are famous for their skill as sailors and their vigor in battle. As a Hakkarlan, you are passionate and intense, you love being active, and you don't let anything get in the way of what you want!

Hakkarl Champion

A Harkkarlan raider stands at the prow of her longship, preparing to assault the enemy port with her loyal crew behind her. She holds a giant clam that bears the mystical Pearl, an artifact pulled up from the deeps of the sea that renders enemy defenses useless. House Hakkarl is the newest house to the Realm, a house from icebound Musspelheim far in the north that is most at home on the sea. They are explorers, treasure hunters, mercenaries, and remarkable craftsmen. Their house sigil is a monstrous fish.

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House Hákkarl: The Seekers

The Ikkerik are the latest arrivals to The Realm, though they have discovered the tradition of establishing magical connections to the land through the appearance of a mystical Sigil. The House of Hákarl is their house, the newest and least established of lineage-clans. Their language is said to be intelligible to the Goddi and Khodé people, but the Ikkerik speak in a manner that other newcomers consider ancient.