The Great House of Hart

You hail from the Noble House of Hart! The Hartians were the first humans to become a major power in the Realm. They trained their armies to be the most powerful in the land, creating a mighty kingdom to call home. As a Hartian, you are a natural leader and can be very competitive, you love to take on a challenge, and believe that you can do anything!

Hartian Champion

A Hartian noble loosens an arrow against invading A'quila troops. The Skol de Buk (Skull of the Buck) on his head grants him invulnerability as long as he stays put, making the bow an ideal weapon for him. House Hart is a proud house that traces their lineage to the Wyddic people, and are sometimes considered an offshoot of House Drake. Generations of war against the Iztani Empire made them more warlike and entitled; there remains a deep-seeded rivalry against House A'quila. Their house sigil is the stag.

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The Elder House of Hart: Clan of the Many-Pointed Stag

The oldest peoples recorded in The Annals were the Wyddic ancestors of the House of Hart , but then again The Elder Annals were written by them. Early on these people developed a deep connection to the land and are sometimes still referred to as the Old Ones, the Firstborn, or the Deep People.