The Great House of Sanglier

You are from the Great House of Sanglier! Fleeing a famine, the Sanglierans sailed to the Realm where they thrived, befriending the Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres. They are sneaky and clever, and quickly became known as fearsome warriors. As a Sanglieran, you have a quick wit and love to play games; you can be a bit of a trouble maker, but that's what makes life so much fun!

Sanglier Champion

A Sanglier hunter charges at the head of his horde, leading them against a rival clan. The Pike of the Sacred Hunt in his hand is imbued with the spirit of the Great Boar, which forces enemy troops off of trails into the waiting swords and spears of his fellow tribesmen. House Sanglier has strong bonds with the Orcs, Orges, and Goblins of the Realm, and have adopted much of their culture. They are seen as wild and outlandish by the other houses. Their house sigil is a wild boar.

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The House of Sahn-Gliér: Clan of the Beast

The people of the House of Sanglier, the Khodé, are cousins to the people of Arko, but the Khodé came much later to The Realm, and synthesized far less. The House of Sanglier remains deeply suspicious of the Elder Houses, and though they have a culture similar to the Goddi of Arko they have protected their old traditions much more strongly.