You can be a highly experienced RPG gamer or have little to no experience at all to enjoy our games. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror are all presented with the whimsy, grit and improvisational openness you can expect from Adventures in Cardboard.

Players will meet with their group for 5 - 10 sessions in real time to play an entire story as characters in another world. The Game Master will serve as the player's eyes, ears and senses describing to you and your band of adventuring friends everything that is happening around you. You will make decisions and change the story based on your actions, your success, your mistakes, your failures.

Thrilling adventure, terrible risks and astounding rewards await you! If you survive and level up you can look for sequel games for your character and advance even further.

Needed to play: only a pencil, paper and your imagination! If you have a set of dice you can use them, if not your GM can roll for you. Roll20 has digital dice that look like the real thing if your GM is using that platform.

Words from our fans:

The AIC crew are incredible, some of my son's favorite people on earth. These campaigns are great for building creativity, problem solving, story telling, and camaraderie. The game masters were great at teasing out creativity and building confidence. And very patient 🙂

This was my boys' first experience with AiC and they absolutely loved it. I wanted to share what I found an unusual comment: they really appreciated how diligent counselors were about monitoring bad behavior and cheating. It made an enormous difference to them, and they even found that they enjoyed the company of those they'd been avoiding earlier in the week. The fact that you all can manage a "classroom" better than all of their teachers is impressive, and I want to acknowledge that and thank you!

Brenna, parent of two
"I had so much fun.  We had an innovative adventure and a great DM in Rachel. I really appreciate the effort they put into the campaign and can't wait to do it again in the future." 
- Amory, player, age 11
"My son is a huge fan of Adventures in Cardboard and was absolutely thrilled when they launched their Dungeons & Dragons series.  It exceeded his high expectations; every week he left class elated about the fun and positive forum to connect with other kids around the Twin Cities who share his passion for D&D and role playing games.  He is counting the days until the next class begins!"  - Nicole, parent
"Thank you for doing this awesome program for our kids. It's a giant bright spot for them!!"
-Jenny, parent
"We'd been searching for something like this and our son had a great experience!  He had been interested in Dungeons and Dragons, but it's tough for a 12 year old to figure out the game from books alone (and it's been 35+ years since mom played...) and find a group of similarly aged kids.  It was wonderful to have an older counselor/DM to lead a small group of similarly aged kids through the game.  It was also great to have such small groups that he really got to know the other kids.  Now he's spending time researching in books to be a more informed adventurer!
And... he's excited to be signed up for another game in April. "
-Janice, parent

"Our 12-year-old loved being able to connect with real friends playing a cool game while we were stuck at home. I am so happy that this is an option for him while we all stay home. I especially like that there are adults moderating so that it's not too silly. It's a great way for semi-structured socialization!"  -Amy, parent

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for this! There were some technology issues at the beginning, but once things got rolling (pun intended), the platform worked well and the dudes were loving it. Gus was beaming at the opportunity to engage with his buddies and embark on this quest. The DMs were engaging and willing to entertain all tangents and absurdity. 

Gus took his headphones off early on and had it on speaker, so I could hear most of what was going on from my desk 🙂 Loved hearing them all connecting and being themselves - and getting some practice in the important skills of listening and taking turns. 
Gus is currently adding a green gem to his sword, Screamsong, to boost his acid power. 
Looking forward to the next couple sessions!"
-Zeb, parent

Rachel is wonderful at keeping the game moving along throughout stalls, technical hiccups, distracted kids etc. She is a pro, and the kids loved the experience!



I loved paying so much that I started thinking about it hours before it started. P.S it was my first time playing, I will remember every part of it!
-anonymous player
Thank you for doing this! It’s my kiddos first D and D experience and her favorite part of the week.
-anonymous parent

Check back weekly for new games!

School grade ranges have been added to help you find a peer group you're comfortable with, but these are merely suggestions.  If you really love a game description, don't worry too much if you're a year or two off! Play the game YOU want to play! (Actual age restrictions are 8-15.)


The Talons of Night

Game Master: Rachel “Alfenriel” Howard Sulentic
Suggested Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th
Limit: 6
8 Sessions, Feb 19 – Mar 13
Sat-Sun: 10am-12pm CST
D&D5E, Hosted on Roll20


Past Games

Thanks to all the players who survived or perished in these adventures, we'll put up an epilogue blog for your comments soon!

The Golden Blades: Samurai of the Autumn Valley

Game Full
Game Master: Marc Berg
Suggested Grades: 6th -8th
Limit: 6 players
10 Sessions, July 20- July 31
Mon-Fri: 1-3pm CST
$112.95 (registration fee included)
Custom Game Rules
Hosted on Roll20


Game Full
Game Master: Alex “Skrap Goblen” Vraa
Suggested Grades: 6th – 8th
Limit: 6 players
9 Sessions, Oct 22-Dec 17
THURSDAY, 4:30-5:30pm CDT, CST after Nov 1st
$61.95 (includes registration fee)
Based in 5e. I really like ‘homebrew’, so feel free to get wacky with it.
Hosted on Discord and Roll20

The Alchemist’s Bargain

Game Full
Game Master: Marc Berg
Suggested Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th
Limit: 5 players
6 Sessions, 3:30-5:30pm
Nov 23-Dec 4: Mon, Wed & Fri
$89.95 (registration fee included)
Custom Game Rules
Hosted on Roll20

The Worlds Door

Game Master: Marc Berg
Suggested Grades: 5th – 7th
Limit: 5 Players
10 Sessions, 4-5:30pm
Jun 21-25 and June 28-July 2
$104.20 (all fees included)
Hosted on Roll20
Custom Game Rules Inspired by D&D

Final Delve

Game Full
Game Master: Chad Hines
Suggested Grades: 5th -7th
Limit: 4 players
5 Sessions, Aug 10 – 14
Mon-Fri: 3-5pm CDT
$98.95 (registration fee included)
Hosted on Roll20 and Zoom

The Invisible Tower of Ozmoth

Game Full
Game Master: Marc Berg
Suggested Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th
Limit: 6 players
10 Sessions, 4-6pm
June 15-26, Mondays-Fridays
$112.95 (registration fee included)
D&D 5E
Hosted on Roll20

The Corrupting Blight of Laricina

Game Full
Game Master: Liz Hickman Pine
Suggested Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th
Limit: 5 players
9 Sessions, Oct 3 – Nov 28
Saturdays, 9-11am
$123.95 (includes registration fee)
D&D5E with some house rules
Hosted on Roll20

The Lost Mage of Arvyre island

Game Full
Game Master: Justin Spooner
Suggested Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th
13 Sessions, June 8 -June 26
Mons-Thurs, 10am-12pm + 1 Fri 10am-1pm (June 26)
$127.95 (registration fee included)
5th Edition D&D

The Colossi of Lu’krock

Game Master: Max Ansari
Suggested Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th
Limit: 6
8 Sessions, June 29-July 8
Mon-Thu: 3:30-5:30pm CST
$94.95 (registration fee included)
Lancer (Giant Battlemech RPG)
Hosted on Discord with Video

Airship Down: Escape from Mystery Island

ame Master: Marc Berg
Suggested Grades: 5th, 6th, 7th
Limit: 6 players
10 Sessions, 3:30-5:30pm
May 4 – May 15, Mondays-Fridays
$112.95 (registration fee included)
Custom Rules loosely based on D&D
Hosted on Roll20

Woe in Willmar

Game Master: Julian McFaul
Suggested Ages: 5th, 6th, 7th grade
5 Sessions, 4-6pm
Wed-Sun, April 15-19
$67.95 (registration fee included)
5th Edition D&D, (simple house rules)
Hosted on Zoom

The Witch of Elder Woods

Game Full
Game Master: Bill Stevens
Suggested Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th
Limit: 6
4 Sessions, July 6, 8, 13 and 15
Mon & Wed: 3-5pm CST
$58.95 (registration fee included)
Hosted on Roll20